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Intelligent Fabric Electronics
Creators of the most advanced circuits built using fabrics.
Evolution of sensor-level filtering ensures powerful datasets from the source.

(Current sensors have a 50% error rate when the sensor is bent)


Working intimately with our clients throughout the journey from ideation to implementation. 

(see R&D page for list of projects)

Featured: Bed monitoring with Fabric Sensor technology.
bed monitor.png

Using fabric sensors in place of a bed sheet. Monitoring for fall prevention, pressure ulcers, and respiratory distress.


Pinpointing health deterioration faster by detecting abnormal breathing patterns, that lead to declining lung function. 

Demo of Bed Sheet Monitor
(validated in a clinical study)

50% of fabric sensors made from recycled ocean plastics.


"Studio 1 Labs' intelligent bed sheet will address some of the biggest challenges to Ontario's healthcare system."

"5 Top Emerging Patient Monitoring Solutions Impacting The Healthcare Industry."

"Studio 1 Labs’ algorithms alert doctors if something may go wrong, leading to preventative measures."

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